February 11, 2017

My story, "Mother Love," is now in print, in the first issue of Deadlights Horror Fiction Magazine. To purchase a copy, go to:


January 27, 2017

We live in a small town with limited entertainment options, so we decided to make some pretty major changes to keep away the boredom.

Since I'm female, I have the usual very popular changes to choose from: purses, shoes, and diets. The only one I didn't choose was purse...

January 2, 2017

Tomorrow is our seven-month anniversary of living in Buffalo. We feel like this is home. 

I've been asked what I did to integrate into the community. So here goes...


I've always thought volunteering is a great idea, and that giving back to the community is impor...

December 5, 2016

I'm sitting at my computer with a warm cup of coffee, watching the snow smack the windows, and grateful that I'm not outside in the brisk 21 degree weather (it feels like 3 degrees in the wind). It's our first December snowstorm, and I'm waiting for the snow plow to cl...

November 3, 2016

The early mornings just before the end of Daylight Savings Time are magical. I found this out when I was finally able to coax (read that as carry) the dogs out to the back yard around 6 AM so that they could do their business, bark at shadows, and wake up the neighborh...

October 12, 2016

You would never have thought on Monday morning that snow was coming. The morning and early afternoon temperatures were in the mid/low 60s with warm winds. But in the late afternoon, the temperature dropped 20 degrees within two hours.

I woke up Tuesday morning to 33 deg...

September 26, 2016

Fall has fallen, like a curtain, here in Buffalo, Wyoming. I am in love with the oranges and reds, fallen leaves a colorful carpet on lawns, the chill winds, and cool temperatures. It seems to have happened overnight.

I dreaded Septembers in Los Angeles, when temperatur...

August 28, 2016

I love reading the Buffalo Bulletin, the newspaper for Johnson County. The articles are objective and often downright positive. I can find out who was fined for what, check how many people were transported by ambulance and when, see who got married, and best of all, re...

August 9, 2016

This morning I woke up with a migraine. What a perfect time to break out the UFO food dehydrator. All I had to do was cut up the sweet potato I bought yesterday, stick the wedges on the racks, start the food dehydrator, and walk away. Our spoiled four-legged children c...

August 6, 2016

If the zombie apocalypse ever comes, I'm pretty sure that the most valuable survivors will be the ones who know how to grow, preserve, and cook food. I might as well sacrifice myself to the zombies now.

I've always had a disinterested relationship with food. When I was...

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