The Magic Switch

February 10, 2018


As I write this blog, it is a balmy 8 degrees outside, and the snow is sparkling white. Popsicle weather. That is, I'll be a Popsicle if I stand outside for more than a minute, even if I'm bundled up with only my nose showing.


I am recovering from a day that makes me suspect an evil spirit flipped a magic switch about three years ago, changing my health in ways I do not care for at all. In spite of decades of healthy eating, exercising, and meditating, heredity finally caught up with me.


My grandfather and mother suffered from migraines. In the family tradition, I was diagnosed with migraines about three years ago (did I say magic switch?). I am still in the process of finding a preventative medication that will keep me migraine-free at least 15 days a month. I'm weaning onto a new medication now. It's a 4-week process and I'm on week 2. That means I am not yet up to full strength.


My migraine trigger is pressure change. That can be due to clogged sinuses, a change in altitude, or a change in barometric pressure. I can take medication to prevent clogged sinuses. I can avoid airplanes and high mountain roads. I cannot avoid the weather.


We had a snow storm yesterday that gave me a butt-kicking migraine. It twisted my stomach into knots and ran it through the washing machine a few times. It used my head as a basketball. I was able to soothe my stomach with Emetrol, but my poor head had to wait for the snow to stop. Unfortunately, the snow stopped, then started, then stopped, started, and stopped more often than changing diapers for a baby with a bad case of diarrhea. In my short experience of Wyoming weather, this was a bit extreme.


But that was yesterday. Today is a beautiful, sunny Wyoming day with blue skies out to forever. As soon as the temperature climbs just a teenie bit higher, I plan to take a brisk walk along the Clear Creek trail, and watch the water rush between the ice flows. Join me?

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